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Pahlavans & Sakastan 8. End Times. Role of the Pahlavans at the Renovation of the World

In nine parts: » 1. Introduction » 2. Timur's Account » 3. Lineage & Nation » 4. Thraetaona & Thrita. Keresaspa & Urvakhshaya. Varena, Rangha & Patashkhvargar » 5. Trita, Visvarupa & Ahi in the Vedas » 6. Battles with Dragon-Snakes » 7. Garshasp, Saam & Zal in the Shahnameh » 8. End Times. The Renovation of the World » 9. Religion in Sakastan

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Lesser Bundahishn (translated by E. W. West) = LB
Greater Bundahishn (translated by B. T. Anklesaria) = GB
Avesta = Av
Yasht = Yt
Yasna = Y
Vendidad = V

Preparation for End-Times & Ushedarmah's millennium
[Quotations from the Bahman Yasht Chapter 9, adapted by this author from a translation by B. T. Anklesaria, the Bundahishns, the Zamyad Yasht (19) and the Farvardin Yasht (13).]

BY 9.11. When the millennium of Ushedarmah (Av Ukhshyat-nemah, the second of three saviours and an unborn son of Zarathushtra) will come and the creatures will be more progressive and more powerful on account of Ushedarmah. He will smite the deceiver of the Az origin, and Peshotan son of Vishtasp will be the arch-priest and primate of the world.

BY 9.12. In the millennium of Ushedarmah, humankind will be so versed in medicine and will utilize medicine and cures in such a way that they will not die - even when death is imminent or when they smite and slay with the sword and the knife.

BY 9.13. Then an apostate will not receive a share of the boon on account of that person's wickedness and apostasy.

The Unshackling of Bevarasp Azi Dahak
GB 29.9: One says of Dahak (Zahhak) whom they also call Bevarasp, "When Feridoon captured him, it was not possible to kill him. Feridoon therefore confined Dahak (Zahhak) in Mount Damavand."

BY 9.14. Ahriman (the devil incarnate) will out of spite will access Damavand Mountain and Bevarasp (imprisoned and chained by Feridoon) and exclaim: "It is now nine thousand years (since you were chained) and Feridoon no longer lives. Why not break the fetters and rise up for this world is being populated by people who emerge for the vara constructed by Jam (i.e. Jamsheed or Yima in the ancient tongue)?"

BY 9.15. Since the Bevarasp Azi Dahak will not break the fetters that bind him out of fear that Feridoon will arise before him, the apostate realizes he will need to unshackle the fetters.

The Rise of Dahak & the Rule of Evil
BY 9.16. The fetters removed, Dahak's vigour will increase and he will tear out the shackles from their roots. Then he will rush towards the apostate, devour him on the spot; and then rush into the world in order to commit all manner of innumerable heinous sins. He will devour a third of humankind and all the creatures of Ohrmazd.

GB 33.33: Then, near unto the end of Ushedarmah's millennium, Dahak (Zohak/Bevarasp) will be freed from his fetters. Bevarasp will injure and infuse many creatures and creation with the devic desire.

BY 9.16 (contd.. Dahak will harm water, fire, and vegetation thus committing grievous sins.

BY 9.17. Then, the Water, the Fire, and the Vegetation will be complaining before Ohrmazd the Lord.

BY 9.18-19. All of creation will lament and plead for the resurrection of Feridoon that he may vanquish and slay Azi Dahak or else creation will no longer be able to survive on this earth.

Resurrection of Keresaspa, the Saama
The Bundahishns have Saama being resurrected in order to slay Dahak. The Bahman Yasht has Keresaspa in this role.

GB 29.8: As regards Saama they say, "He was immortal. At the time when he scorned the Revelation of Mazda worship (rejected becoming a Mazdayasni), a Turk who was named Nain slew him with an arrow when he was asleep. There, in the plain of Peshyansi, the vicious lethargy was brought over him. He is lying in the midst of heat, and snow has settled above him. A myriad farohars of the righteous are his guards for this purpose that when Azi Dahak (Zahhak) shall become unfettered he may arise and smite him."

LB 29.7: Regarding Saama it says, that he became immortal, but owing to his disregard of the Mazdayasni religion, a Turk whom they call Nihaj wounded him with an arrow, when he was asleep there, in the plain of Peshyansai; and it had brought upon him the unnatural lethargy (Bushasp) which overcame him in the midst of the heat. 8. And the glory (far) of heaven stands over him for the purpose that, when Azi Dahak (Zahhak) becomes unfettered (arazhak), he may arise and slay him; and a myriad guardian spirits of the righteous are as a protection to him.

BY 9.20. Then Ohrmazd the Creator, will summon the angels Srosh and Neryosang Yazad to awaken and resurrect the body of Kersasp the son of Saam(an)."

GB 33.34, And at that time Soshyant son of Zartosht will appear. And for thirty days and nights the sun will stand at the zenith of the sky. 35. Of earthly beings, they will first raise the dead body of Karsasp (Keresaspa ) son of Saama, who will smite Bevarasp with the mace and kill him thus freeing the creatures of this world from his grasp. Thus the millennium of the Soshyant will commence.

The Killing of Bevarasp Azi Dahak
BY 3.61 (E. W. West tr.). 'Then Srosh and Neryosang the angels go to Kersasp; three times and utter a cry. On the fourth cry, the Saam(a) will rise up with resolve and venture forth to engage Az-i Dahak.

BY 3.62 (E. W. West tr.). And the Saam(a) oblivious to pleas will strike the fiend's head with his mace and smite him.

BY 9.23. Then deceit and adversity will depart from this world until (that is,) this millennium comes to a close.

The Beginning of the Millennium of the Saviour Soshyant.
Frasho-Kereti & the Resurrection

BY 9.24. At which time, the Soshyos (Soshyant, the third and final saviour) will make the creatures of the world pure again, and the resurrection and the final existence will occur.

Yt 19.89. We extol the victorious Saoshyant and his helpers who will restore the world which will henceforth never grow old and never die, never decaying and never rotting, ever living and ever increasing, and master of its wish, when the dead will rise, when life and immortality will come and when the world will be restored as it is its destiny.

Yt 13.129. The victorious Saoshyant's name will be Astvat-ereta. He will be Saoshyant because he will benefit the whole bodily world. He will be Astvatereta (he who resurrects the bodily creatures) because as a bodily creature and as a living creature he will stand against the destruction of the bodily creatures, to withstand the Druj of the two-footed brood, to withstand the evil done to the faithful.

Location for the Appearance of the Saoshyant
Lake Kasava & the Haetumant River
Yt 19.65. We honour the Khvarenah (Grace) that cannot be forcibly seized, made by Mazda .... 66. That enveloped him who grows up there, where lies Lake Kasava (Kasaoya) fed by the Haetumant River. There where stands Mount Ushidhau surrounded by waters coming down from the mountain ranges.

[V 19.5 I (Zarathushtra) will vanquish the creation of the Daeva; I will vanquish the Nasu, a creature of the Daeva; I will vanquish the Pairika Knathaiti, till the victorious Saoshyant rises to life out of the lake Kasava (Kasaoya), from the region of the dawn (east?), from the regions of the dawn. (This last reference to the region of the dawn is enigmatic.)]

Yt 19.67. The (River) Khvastra flows and swells towards it (the lake) nourishing good pastures and fine horses, bringing plenty, full of grace, with beauty and weal, powerful and friendly, rich of pastures, prolific and golden.

Rising of Saoshyant Astvatereta from
Lake Kasava/Kasaoya at Frasho-Kereti

Yt 19.92. Then Astvatereta shall rise up from Lake Kasava (Kasaoya), a son of Vispa-taurvairi (the righteous maid Eredat-fedhri), knowing the victorious knowledge, a friend to all that is Ahura Mazda's.

Yt 19.94. He will look upon the whole living world with the eye of plenty and his look will deliver immortality to all living creatures.

Yt 19.95. The helpers of Astvat-ereta will come forward - they who are fiend-smiting, well-thinking, well-speaking, well-doing, followers of the good law, and whose tongues have never uttered a word of falsehood. Before them shall Aeshma of the wounding spear, who has no grace, bow and flee. He will smite the most wicked Druj - those of the evil seed born of darkness.

Pahlavans & Sakastan pages:
» 1. Introduction
» 2. Timur's Account
» 3. Lineage & Nation
» 4. Thraetaona & Thrita. Keresaspa & Urvakhshaya. Varena, Rangha & Patashkhvargar
» 5. Trita, Visvarupa & Ahi in the Vedas
» 6. Battles with Dragon-Snakes
» 7. Garshasp, Saam & Zal in the Shahnameh
» 8. End Times. The Renovation of the World
» 9. Religion in Sakastan

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