Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Two - Ta Mainyu

The two mainyu, the twin spiritual entitities, represent the essential nature of existence and the choice available to humanity to choose between two paths in life:

The following verses from the Zoroastrian scriptures are translations and renderings in English. For the Avestan transcription and word-by-word translation, see our webpage Scripture Selections.

Gathas (Hymns) of Zarathushtra
(The meanings of Avestan-Gathic words are given below.)
Now I will speak to the assembled of the two
  who were created by Mazda, be it known
And sing hymns with divine dedications
  and the highest thoughts
And the good principles of Asha
  that light the path for souls towards bliss
Listen with your ears the highest ideals
  consider the most enlightened thoughts
Then let the path between the two be chosen
  person by person each for oneself
Before the great reckoning
  awake ye all to this my counsel
Now the two mainyu primordial
  who were twin well-working, became
In thought and word and deed
  separate, the better and the bad
And of these two the wise do rightly choose
  but not so those in ignorance.
And now when the two mainyu together
  foregathered, they produced
Being and not-being
  which ultimately became in life
The baseness of the dregvant
  and the ashavan's highest mind.

Mazda     - God (the Creator)
Asha        - Divine Order: the natural and ethical laws
Mainyu     - The spirit; spiritual (non-material) existence; components of the spiritual existence
Dregvant   - Those who live by Drug, the Lie & Chaos
Ashavan    - Those who live by Asha, Righteousness & Divine Order

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